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All proceeds benefit the Boys and Girls Club of the Red River Valley

Contact Kris at or call ‭(903) 517-9694‬
Contact Lea at or call (903) 423-2108

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You've Got Questions, We've got Answers.

Heck YES!

First of all, we’re only judging you a little bit for not eating steak… but you’re still welcome to enjoy the day with us!

There will be appetizers served starting at 9am and there are other great local food options onsite and downtown. To enter the Arena (where all the magic happens) you will still need to purchase a wristband. You can also enjoy live music and a few of the vendors without a wristband. 

You’ll get to try steak and appetizers from every team. 

While we have increased the steak each year, we still anticipate the possibility of running out. If you plan to eat steak, come early!

Your wristband allows access to the Steak Area. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that you will get steak if you come late. 

The event kicks off at 9am, and steaks will be available starting at noon. We suggest you come early to make the most of your experience.

Bring them!
Kids are welcome at this event. With that being said, there are a few things you should know:
There is no designated kids area at this event. 
There will be alcohol served at this event. As this is a cook-off, there will also be fire/hot grills/food that may contain allergens etc. Please keep this in mind.
Your children will need to stay with you or a trusted adult at all times. 

Kids 12 and under are not required to have a wristband. 

However, they are required to stay with a parent, guardian or trusted adult during the event!

ALL proceeds from the event will be given directly to the Boys and Girls Club of the Red River Valley. They are a GREAT organization and we are proud to have them be the beneficiary of this event.

It’s rare that we turn down a well-done steak pun. 
It takes a choice set of words, perfect delivery and a little spice. 
If you can cook-up a great steak pun, we’d love to hear it. But, be warned, to compete with us.. it better have some meat to it. 

You’ll want to let it marinate. Flip it a few times to see if it’s ready. Let it rest. Then SERVE IT UP.  Let’s see what you got. 
There’s only a select group of people that do it well.


Stay Saucy.