PSw 2024

Team Field Guide

The Team Field Guide includes the rules and guidelines for Paris Steak Wars 2023.
Stay tuned for an updated Field Guide for 2024! 

Please Note: 
• PSW will provide steaks
• 50/50 Appetizer Side Pot Optional
• No BYOB, Bar on Site

Download the PDF to review all rules and guidelines.

Trophy + Payouts

$2,000 Payout!

People’s Choice: Trophy
Appetizer Competition: Trophy + 50% of side pot

REgistration Info

Team spaces are expected to MAX out SOON! Register early, don’t miss out on the fun. 

Team spaces are 12×12 and 12×24 (additional cost). Your team, supplies and equipment must fit in the space that is allocated to you. Space is limited. 

If you require additional space, please get in touch with us for info. 

LIMITED TEAM SPACES • Contact Kris @ South Main Iron to register. or 903-905-4993

People’s Choice:
Throughout the event, show-goers will have the option to vote for their favorite steak. Bring your best, put on a smile and show them what you got!

Appetizer Side Pot:
Register online to compete. Our judges will covertly make the rounds and try each entry. The winner will be announced during the awards ceremony and receive a Trophy and 50% of the side pot. The remaining 50% goes to the Boys and Girls Club. 

Judges: Judges are selected by our staff and sponsors. A panel of judges will be orchestrated leading up to the event. Each judge will try a piece of steak from each team. Judges are not informed of what steak they are tasting. The categories include: Appearance, Taste, Tenderness and Doneness. The team with the best score wins. 

About your hosts:
Iron Communities and South Main Iron present Paris Steak Wars. 

Over the last two years, with your help, we have donated more than $87,000 to the Boys and Girls Club of the Red River Valley. We look forward to investing in our community for years to come!


Spaces are available in two sizes: 12×12 and 12×24.

Your team, equipment and supplies must fit in your space. Our footprint is limited and there will not be room for you to expand past what you register for.
If you require more than a 12×24, please contact us for more info. 

The more, the better. 
Your team entry will give you access as well as three team members. 
Each member will receive a wristband. 

If you have additional people joining you, please purchase tickets online in advance.

The field guide will give you arrival information, load out information, rules and guidelines for the event and all the information you need.
The Pre-Party is Friday night. It is required that you setup on Friday at your scheduled time. Stay for the music and cold drinks, it’s a party!

PLEASE NOTE: If you plan to bring a trailer, you will have a scheduled arrival time. If you do not arrive during this time, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to position your trailer in your space. 

Steaks: We got’em.
Appetizer: You provide everything you need for apps. The appetizer competition is optional. Register online!

Alcohol: NO BYOB. There will be multiple bars on site and this is a TABC regulated event. This will be strictly enforced.

Bring them!
Kids are welcome at this event. With that being said, there are a few things you should know:
There is no designated kids area at this event. 
There will be alcohol served at this event. As this is a cook-off, there will also be fire/hot grills/food that may contain allergens etc. Please keep this in mind.
Your children will need to stay with you or a trusted adult at all times. 

The Appetizer Side Pot kicks off the day. You can register to compete ($100) and will be entered to win 50% of the side pot and a trophy. 

Cook your BEST. Bring whatever you like and what you think others would like. This is a fun part of the event that has become a fav amongst teams!

We can’t tell you everything. 
But, maybe… just maybe, it will be you. It’s hard to say. 

It’s rare that we turn down a well-done steak pun. 
It takes a choice set of words, perfect delivery and a little spice. 
If you can cook-up a great steak pun, we’d love to hear it. But, be warned, to compete with us.. it better have some meat to it. 

You’ll want to let it marinate. Flip it a few times to see if it’s ready. Let it rest. Then SERVE IT UP.  Let’s see what you got. 
There’s only a select group of people that do it well.


Stay Saucy.


Bring your best apron. 

Each team will be a part of a selection process to select their steaks for the competition judging.

After your steaks have been submitted, you’ll begin slingin’ steaks for all the attendees. There will be approximately 20 steaks per team (if you have a double spot, you’ll receive double the steaks). 

Each team space will be expected to cook a total of 40 steaks. If you purchase a double team space, that’s double the steak!

If you’re up for cooking more, let us know. If you are concerned about cooking this many steaks, please chat with our staff. 


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